The first step towards securing your privacy. InnoHub, built on the existing openHab platform, provides an easy to use interface to connect your home to the Internet of Things.

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Privacy is hard

With smart technology flooding the market, peoples' usage and privacy have become an increasing concern. Many devices send out information to third parties which can be used to gain insight on the user's behavior. That's where InnoHub comes in.

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InnoHub At Your Service

Accomodate Emerging Technologies

InnoHub has been tested to work with the latest smart technologies to power devices such as the Insteon Bulb and x10 motion detector

Works At Home and On The Go

User's can operate and control their devices through a landline phone or a mobile device interface

Layered Architecture

Users who want pre-packaged functionality can just plug and play using our custom UI. Enthusiasts can add their own functinoalities using the pre-existing OpenHab Designer

Safe & Secure

InnoHub is open sourced, which enables other developers to vet the platform and fix any issues

Ready to Use

Just download InnoHub from our repo and follow the instructions to get going

Up to Date

Since InnoHub works on top of OpenHab, it will always be using the latest technologies

Made with Love

We know how much privacy matters and we crafted InnoHub with this in mind